Forum Title: I need some advice, what to use to cover OSB subflooring?
So I built a 16' X 35' deck with full roof over it and 4' pony walls around it. It is about 6' above the ground and my contractor used the 3/4 OSB as sub floor. This area will see some potential moisture from blowing rain, my main concern is that the floor is pretty rough, (swollen joints) probably because it got wet waiting for the roofers to finish. So I was wondering if I sand down some of the rough/high spots, is there a coating I can pigment and just poor on and spread out that will work? I think there are places where it might need to be about 1/8 thick. Any advice will be appreciated. I live in north Idaho so that might be a consideration. I have weather proof curtains that snap on the sides to close it in and there is a natural gas fire pit to keep it warm. fyi
Category: Flooring Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Des Plaines, IL), 02/12/2019

Chopped Fiberglass is what we use around here for decks over living spaces where OSB has been used. In your case salt treating decking would have been my choice for a floor.

- CLAYTON KLEIN (Gulfport, MS), 05/24/2019

That's an interesting dilemma. Holmes on Homes had a show on just this issue where water was coming into the entry and rotting the sill under it. He fixed it like this: First, you probably need to verify that the slope of the OSB is pointing away from the house. If not, you need to tear it up and fix it first. Then you lay a rubber membrane like a flat roof would have. Then you need scuppers around the perimeter to let the water get out. Finally you would lay down flat PT 2x4's and top them with deck boards. But then you have the issue of floor height compared to the entryway. Then again, you could tear up all the OSB, make sure your joists are 16 on center and lay down any type of decking you wish. Personally I think that's the way to go. Tom P.

- MISTY FIGUEROA (Lake Havasu City, AZ), 05/11/2019

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